You are here to exchange views, tips, strategies to deal with life’s challenges little and large, help and/or be helped by someone with similar challenges in life. There are plenty of people dealing with the same difficulties and issues in their lives as you.


You may feel isolated but you are not alone, whatever you are dealing with, me2net is your safe place to come and unload your problems anonymously (yay!), talk about your dreams, make friends and be in touch with people like you, write down and publish your goals and make them real.  Once they are defined we can visualise our goals coming together and the path to their fruition takes form, all of a sudden we attract the necessary energy, situations, openings, opportunities and people that we need to move forward.

Me2! Net is all about the moment of pure relief and excitement when someone says “me too!”.  Whether you know them or not, from that moment on you are kindred spirits, at ease in each others company and willing to support and share.  So come on in and find your Me2!’s, put your problems out there to share, come to help and encourage others, have a laugh together, set your life goals and publish them so that they do not gather dust on that old piece of A4 to be found in 10 years time when you wonder where that time has gone.

Lifestyle goals
Financial goals
Weight goals
Fitness goals
You couldn’t make it up
HELP! – struggling over here



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